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Goals Accomplished!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Athletes and performers are really good at knowing the outcomes that they want to achieve. However, having a goal in mind is only the starting point. High level performers know how important it is to have a goal setting system and how to intentionally use it to increase success. A complete goal setting system can increase confidence, motivation, focus, satisfaction and enjoyment, team cohesion, and performance! Here’s how to maximize the benefits for you.


Set Three Different Types of Goals

1. Outcome Goals: These are goals related to placement, qualification, moving up a level, getting a scholarship or reward, or winning championship.

2. Performance Goals: These are goals that are related to times, percentages (shooting, batting average), and scores. Performance goals are measureable and able to be compared from one training activity or competition to another.

3. Process Goals: These are goals focused on technique, tactics, effort, and your mental game.

Set Process Goals Before Every Training and Every Competition.

Setting process goals consistently is a game changer. High performers know that it is essential to purposefully work on the factors that increase the likelihood that they will achieve their performance goals, and have the outcomes they want. Process goals are the goals that are most within your own control as a performer. These give purpose to your training. Setting a process goal before every training period is a WIN action! Setting process goals also helps strengthen your CORE.

Use a Goal Tracking System

Writing down your goals is important- but tracking your progress consistently will set you apart from other performers. This is often a forgotten step. Find a way that is most convenient for you- make a note on your phone, in a training journal, a whiteboard, your mirror, etc. Make adjustments to performance goals based on your progress you make with your process goals. Tracking your progress is essential for increasing motivation and confidence.

Celebrate Accomplished Goals

By using your tracking system, you will already be acknowledging your accomplished goals. Find ways to celebrate goals as well. Savoring positive moments helps increase positive emotions, which will help you stay resilient in times of stress.

Make it Your Own!

There are many ways to incorporate these principles into your own goal setting system- be creative and do what works for you! Download a copy of a goal setting worksheet that will help you set all three types of goals. Looking for a more comprehensive tool? Try the WIN notebook!


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