Northwest Performance Psychology

Northwest Performance Psychology uses a combination of sport psychology and counseling psychology principles to enhance the performances, experiences, and well-being of those involved in athletics and other high pressure performance contexts. The mission is to provide an effective psychological approach that is an important part of any comprehensive training regimen.


Performers have particular strengths that help them succeed in their areas of interest. My goal is to help individuals and teams utilize their strengths to their advantage, and add new strategies to their existing bases of strengths. 

I understand that performers operate within a unique high pressure and demanding context. This, in addition to other factors in every day life, can take its toll on performance and mood. I believe when individuals are supported, and psychologically healthy & present, it is possible to achieve their best experiences in performance and in life.

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Boyer, Sport Psychologist

I am a Licensed Psychologist and a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, who is committed to helping individuals maximize their potential and enjoyment in life. I work with individuals and teams from youth/recreational to elite and professional levels to enhance their performances, team efficacy / cohesion, and and overall well-being.



I also work within the sub-specialties of stress and wellness, injury recovery, and disordered eating. I strive to help all athletes and coaches use effective coping strategies and core strengths in increasing resilience, healthy self-esteem, and achievement of their goals.  



 I have a special professional and research interest in the benefits of sport participation and physical activity for women and girls. I am honored  to be serving on the advisory board for ZGiRLS, a non profit organization working to empower young girls in sport and life using a curriculum centered on healthy communication, positive body images, effective goals, building confidence, and increasing community and support. For more details, go to www.ZGiRLS.org.


Education and Experience


My journey to being a sport psychologist began as an athlete myself, competing as a gymnast in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue. I also coached the Bellevue High School Gymnastics Team for 4 seasons.

University of Washington

B.S., Psychology

Boston University

Ed.M, Counseling and Developmental Studies, emphasis in Sport Psychology

University of North Texas

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Sport Psychology

University of California, Davis

Pre-doctoral internship

Postdoc fellowship

Coordinator of Applied Sport Psychology Program

I am thrilled to be practicing back in the Seattle Area!

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