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Meet Dr. Tamara Bode

Hi, I am Dr. Tammara Bode, a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, and Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, finalizing the process of being a licensed psychologist. My personal sports background was a competitive gymnast. I did club gymnastics up to level 9 ending at age 16. Since then, I have run several endurance races. Recently I have been training in sprint triathlon and distance swimming. 


I was trained in California at John F. Kennedy University. I have experience working with incarcerated youth incorporating sport psychology and younger elementary age children. I have experience working with athletes that identify with the neurodiverse and disability community. 

My journey to sport psychology began as an athlete. I saw a sport psychologist myself and the skills I learned helped me greatly. After my undergraduate degree, I was working as a coach and was fascinated with the incorporation of psychology into my work resulting in pursuing the master's degree. I say I have the privilege of working with some of the most gifted and motivated people when I work with high achievers. 

During meetings with me, clients can expect a safe space nonjudgmental space to talk about how they are doing as a human and also helpful practical behavioral skills that will help them perform well on and off the field. 

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