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Coach Leadership Workout

This interactive worshop is designed to strengthen effective coaching habits, solidify coaching philosophy, and  improve connection with this generation athlete. A combination of awareness gained from a proven assessment tool (the DISC) and effective positive psychology and performance psychology principles, the Workout will target 4 key areas:


Core:             Develop leadership core by identifying strengths, values, and goals.

Strength:      Elevate management skills by increasing relationship, communication, and decision-making styles.

Flexibility:    Understand how to adapt coaching behaviors to maximize opportunities, and to effectively manage challenging athletes.

Endurance:  Outlast opponents by knowing how to maintain intensity and motivation.


Go to Events for information on next sessions. The Coach Leadership Workout can also be customized and brought to a specific coaching staff.

Athlete Leadership Workout

An interactive workshop that utilizes the DISC assessment tool to develop effective performance mindsets and leadership abilities.

Through experiential learning activities, athletes will gain insight into their unique performance and leadership styles, and how to apply these to increase success in academics, college applications and other life goals. The workshop is designed to maximize the SELF:

Strength:       Build performance skills by increasing awareness of relationship, communication, and decision making styles. 

Endurance:   Outlast opponents by knowing how to maintain motivation.

Leadership:  Understand best leadership role, and utilize management skills for achieving team, academic and other llife goals.

Flexibility:     Understand how to adapt to challenges, setbacks and stressful situations. 





Go to Events for information on next sessions. The Athlete Leadership Workout can also be customized and brought to a specific team or organization.

Athletic Support Staff Professional Continuing Education

I provide educational workshops to enhance the knowledge, competence, and service delivery of those working within athletics. Services include workshops for athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, and academic advisors.

Topics include:

  • Mental health of athletes

  • Eating disorders and athletes

  • Psycho-social aspects of injury prevention and recovery

  • Stress Management

Sport and Performance Skills Presentations

Specific Performance Skills Workshops are provided to teams or coaching staffs. These are educational workshops designed to help teach effective performance skills, and offer opportunities to practice implementing skills presented. Specific skills can be covered based on your particular goals for your team. Presentations are at your practice location. Examples of topics include:

  • Improving Focus

  • Handling Pressure

  • Staying Motivated

  • Effective Goal Setting

  • Leadership Development

  • Recovering from mistakes

Go to Events for information on free presentations. Events held at Redmond Ridge Physical Therapy Clinic, and via Facebook Live.

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