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Sports on Hold

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

This was a difficult week if you are an athlete, coach, member of athletic staff, or fan. With the cancellation of professional, college, and youth sports everywhere, we cannot help but accept that COVID-19 is going to seriously disrupt our way of life, and it will last awhile. I am actually appreciative of the leadership of the NBA and the NCAA for being quick to make monumental cancellations- keeping their teams, staff, and spectators safe, and that served as an important moment for the country to realize the seriousness of the situation. But was that a hard week. While I can have the understanding of the necessity to cancel, I join everyone in their sadness at the loss and interruption of your hard work, goals, dreams, and finite chances at participating in an activity that has been a party of your

lives for so long. After grieving the loss, I will encourage you all to shift to seeing that you are a part of a new team now- a broader one- one with no practice times or competitions, but one where each of us has just an important role as everyone else on the team. We are on TEAM BEAT COVID-19. As you find ways to keep growing and learning at home, know that the staying home is exactly what will help us all achieve victory in the long run. GO US!

Check out the Resources page for a document on Dealing with Grief and Loss, and for strategies to Cope with Stress.

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